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Substance Use Problems

There are a variety of reasons that individuals may seek therapy for issues related to substance use. Whether they are confronting that they have a substance use disorder, an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, or problems in their relationships because of their substance use, clinicians at PVD Psychological Associates provide therapy that will help them explore these difficulties in a nonjudgmental way, achieve a better understanding of the function of the behaviors, and come up with alternative strategies to cope. Therapy for substance use disorders will usually focus on abstinence, but we meet our clients where they are and their identified goals, and may focus instead on moderation.

​Clinicians at PVD Psychological Associates are well versed in working with these problems using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) strategies, motivational interviewing (MI), and dynamic therapy. We are also familiar with local resources such as AA, NA, and SMART recovery meetings. and frequently collaborate with other medical professionals or university health centers, as indicated and desired by our clients.

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