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382 Thayer Street, Providence, RI 02906     |      111 Wayland Ave #1, Providence, RI 02906.

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Our Approach

​PVD Psychological Associates offers therapy across the lifespan for a range of issues. We have specific specializations in college mental health, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, LGBTQIA+ issues, and relationship difficulties and we also see clients for a range of other issues.

We believe the most important aspect of a positive and effective therapy experience is finding the right fit.

Depending on your personal preference, therapy history, and what brings you to treatment now, dynamic, behavioral, or another type of therapy may be most appropriate for you. We will work with you to understand why you are seeking therapy, and collaboratively construct a treatment plan. This treatment plan will integrate the most appropriate, research-supported interventions for you. Our therapists utilize cutting edge, evidence-based therapy techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness strategies, interpersonal therapy (IPT), psychodynamic therapy, exposure therapy, and habit reversal training.

The other critical factor we take into consideration is style. All of the therapists on our treatment team are selected not only for their excellent training and experience but also for their unique personalities and approaches so we have a diverse team.

Our Intake Director will be your first point of contact. We have opted to have a clinician in this role as we believe doing so enhances the matching process of therapist-client. Please contact us now!

Mission & Values

Everything we do is designed to give you the best therapy experience. Our mission is to provide exceptional therapy that is personalized and results driven. We offer cutting edge, evidence-based treatment by a team of highly trained therapists to address anxiety, eating disorders, college and graduate student mental health, trauma, relationship difficulties, and many other concerns.

PVD Psych is a LGBTQIA Affirming practice, and is one of few Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island LGBTQ Safe Zone certified providers. We offer LGBTQIA Affirming therapy and Gender Affirming Therapy. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to safe, respectful, and affirming, high quality care.

At PVD Psych, we see our clients as whole people, recognizing their layers, and never just as diagnoses. We also focus on healing and transformation. These values are reflected in our logo which is a mandala.

The mandala is a tool with which, for centuries, many have developed self-awareness and sought enlightenment. It is a symbol of wholeness, one’s journey through life, transformation, and healing; we believe that these are the elements that are representative of good therapy.

Our mandala is comprised of triangles (the Greek letter Delta) to represent change. Our goal is to help our clients make the real and lasting change that they want.

It is a privilege to accompany our current clients on their journeys and we look forward to welcoming you to PVD Psych so that we can begin this important process together.

“We take time to match you with a therapist”

“We have a diverse and unique team!”

Evidence-Based Treatment

  • CBT
  • DBT
  • ACT and more!
  • Neuropsychological Testing

    Testing for:
    Executive Functioning
    Diagnostic Clarification.

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy

  • Individual DBT
  • Group Skills Training
  • Individual Skills Training Available
  • We are a BCBSRI LGBTQ Safe Zone

    We offer LGBTQIA Affirming and Gender Affirming Therapy
    Student Mental Health

  • Time Management
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Burn Out