Your health and safety are always our top priority. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PVD Psychological Associates is offering online therapy.
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Neuropsychological Testing​

​PVD Psychological Associates and C&C Psychological Services are proud to offer a unique collaboration! We have partnered to bring expert neuropsychological testing from the Boston-area to our office in Providence, RI. We offer neuropsychological testing, psychological testing, and private school entrance testing for individuals across the lifespan with a guaranteed quick turnaround and delivery of feedback in an accessible and clinically meaningful manner.

We offer a variety of services for children and adults, including assessment of cognitive function, memory loss, learning disabilities, attentional difficulties, and mood disorders. Each evaluation includes an integrated report that can be used in educational and work settings as well as a full year of follow-up services. Our approach allows the client to collaboratively determine the direction testing will go in order to answer the questions that brought them into our office.

​Each assessment includes a comprehensive package of services that is customizable to each client’s unique needs. This includes an initial intake session, all testing and data analysis, and a feedback session resulting in an integrated report that is concise and easy to understand. We also use testing to inform therapy. Our therapists collaborate with neuropsychologists on staff to hone treatment plans and base clinical interventions on what the data suggests is most important.

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